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About the Swedish Padel Federation

Our Vision:

”Padel for everyone, through your entire life”

The Swedish Padel Federation’s main objective is to lead the development of Padel forward through proactive work. The Federation works actively to spread knowledge about the sport, increase interest among all groups in society and highlight all aspects of the sport.

Core values

Regardless of age and sports background, you can start playing Padel. The reason is that it does not require much, technically it is lighter and the ball duels become longer and quite intense. The walls with glass and fences surprise and add an extra dimension to the game.

It does not matter what age, gender or where you were born. You are always welcome! Does not matter if you rarely play or want to bet everything to become a professional player. The opportunities must be there for everyone and are an important part, regardless of location and level.

Padel is a sport that brings people together. It becomes a natural meeting place for old and new friends. Where families and friends can play and socialize.


To contact us reach out to:


General Manager
Calle Åkesson